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Cold Weather Preperations

Cold Weather Preperations

Hello Boulder,
We’ve got some cold nights coming up, so here’s a friendly reminder to make sure your home is ready for it. A few tips:
• disconnect the garden hoses. leaving them connected is the most common way to break an exterior spigot. I’ll replace a few faucets this Spring, same as every year.
• shut off the sprinker water line, should be next to the main water shutoff.
• if leaving for a long trip, close the main water shutoff.
• radio playing talk radio at low volume will scare off raccoon, bears, thieves, and some rats. I’ve played one Rush Limbaugh show for raccoons, they left and never came back. Traps, animal handlers, etc. are not needed, this works great.

Have a wonderful Winter!
Boulder County, Colorado

P.S. I’m looking to add a couple kitchen/bath remodels to my Winter schedule, please pass my contact on to those interested. Estimates are always free, and my advice is honest.